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About SH Energy

Electricity demand in Africa today is 700 terawatt-hours (TWh), with the North African economies and South Africa accounting for over 70% of the total. Yet it is the other sub-Saharan Africa countries that see the fastest growth to 2040.

Electricity demand more than doubles in the Stated Policies Scenario to over 1 600 TWh in 2040, and reaches 2 300 TWh in the Africa Case, with most of the additional demand stemming from productive uses and emerging middle- and higher-income households.

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SH Energy strategy is build on opportunities for growth and poverty reduction to contribute in development for Africa governments and population as they become more competitive globally, harness the power of digital technology,and improve the quality of life of their people.

The SH Energy Brand is an electrical equipment manufacturing brand that is part of the Senga Heritage Brands, which include other brands such as

SH Mall, SM Medical,SH Industry,

SH Mining, and SH technology.

We manufacture and assemble

our products in Turkey, Egypt, China,Germany and France.SH Energy has interests in West African and Central African countries and supplies products to electricity institutions and government

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