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BP:7756 Douala | Cameroon

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P.OBox 1243 Kigali | Rwanda

….Freely you have received; freely give….

Each of our company in our group disburses 2% of its total Net Profit

to our Senga Foundation to support people via targeted social impact

environments. For example, Senga Foundation provides financial assistance to

less privileged children so they can finish their schools, tertiary or

vocational education and to acquire skills.

With this assistance young people can realize their full potential and

become a productive member of society. We develop and conduct training

programs/activities/events that will give those poor individuals the

opportunities to grow and enhance their talents and experiences and to help

them maintain or improve their human dignity.

Our medical-focused program provides medical attention to treat sick

people by offering medicine and necessary vaccinations. In isolated regions, we

send our medical partners teams to treat people that are not able to come into

the community health center’s and clinics.

Furthermore we conduct health seminars on topics such as first-aid,

nutrition and treatment of neglected diseases. Our special projects include

financial assistance in rebuilding aging and damaged school facilities to

provide local children with a better learning environment. In case of an

emergency we deliver food, clean water and clothing and offer temporary shelter

to the victims of typhoons, floods or other environmental calamities.

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